FAQs: Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home Experience in New Orleans

A skilled nursing facility, like St. Margaret’s at Mercy, offers security and comfortable care to patients whose needs exceed the capabilities of home treatment and the care of an assisted living. New Orleans residents enjoy our nursing facility that offers 24-hour nursing care and assistance with everyday tasks, including medications.

An assisted living center is a more communal setting that provides residents with limited restrictions. Residents still benefit from 24-hour, on demand nursing supervision and assistance, but in a lesser capacity than nursing. Assisted living centers, like a retirement home, eliminate unnecessary stress from daily life by taking care of menial, disruptive tasks. They provide a crucial service to seniors who prefer assistance with cooking, cleaning, paying bills, transportation and/or other daily activities.

If you believe you or a loved one could benefit from an assisted living setting, please look at our sister facility, Belleville Assisted Living.

A skilled nursing facility offers security and comfortable care to seniors whose needs exceed the capabilities of home treatment and assisted living care. A nursing facility offers 24-hour nursing care and assistance with everyday tasks.

Seniors whose needs exceed their capacity to receive home treatment are the main beneficiaries of skilled nursing services. Nursing facilities serve the everyday needs of residents who find menial tasks such as remembering to take daily medication, paying bills on time, or maintain personal hygiene and home cleanliness difficult. For seniors who require constant care or who have major disabilities, a quality nursing facility can be a lifesaver.

Living in a skilled nursing facility can provide a resident with security, comfort, and fulfillment. These facilities offer physical, occupational, and speech therapies, nursing care and skilled nursing care, and general assistance. Services such as laundry, transport, meals, and housekeeping are all provided. In addition, residents receive assistance with personal activities like eating, bathing, dressing, maneuvering, and hygiene as needed. Social activities are coordinated daily. Nursing facilities cater fully to the medical and emotional needs of the resident.

Daily nursing and room and board are paid through either personal insurance or Medicaid. Skilled nursing services are handled by Medicare, private pay, and most insurance companies. Our staff is ready and available to educate you on the process of paying privately for a nursing home or for assisted living. New Orleans residents, and those in the surrounding Greater New Orleans area, can call us today for more information.