Team Gleason House for ALS Residents

History of the Team Gleason House

About a quarter of the way into the construction of the Mercy site, Steve Gleason, a former NFL Safety for the New Orleans Saints, approached St. Margaret’s with a proposal to build a household equipped to care for patients who suffer from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In researching ALS residence, St. Margaret’s staff traveled with Gleason to Boston, Massachusetts, to tour the Leonard Florence Center (LFC). At the time, the LFC was the only facility in the world that operated a household specifically engineered to accommodate ALS patients. The household, the Steve Saling ALS Residence (SSAR), utilizes PEAC eye-tracking technology developed by Proximis to grant the ALS and MS patient independence. The resident is able to operate blinds, television, lights, doors, HVAC, etc. using Proximis’s cutting-edge technology. The SSAR also employs a staff trained specifically to care for ALS patients. Following their visit, the St. Margaret’s staff agreed to equip one of the households at the Mercy site with the technology and skilled care that ALS patients require, naming this household the Team Gleason House.

About the Team Gleason House

The Team Gleason House will combine specialized staff and PEAC technology with St. Margaret’s at Mercy’s neighborhood model, allowing ALS residents to pursue their interests in a homelike environment. Gleason envisions the home as exactly that: a home – a place where residents continue to live with purpose and passion. He is confident that the Team Gleason House will be a place where “artists continue their art, teachers continue to teach, architects continue to design, and producers continue to produce.”

If you or someone you know might benefit from living in the Team Gleason House, please contact Cyncie Smith for more information. Or, if you’d simply like to learn more about the unit, please contact Marianna Roppolo for general information.